30 July 2009

Yes. it's that good.

Now, being a model is fun. Acting, although more challenging, is also more rewarding, but modeling...that's where the fun stuff is. It's dress up for adults. You can put on crazy, and I mean CRAZY outfits, with head pieces or body paint, all to create a new idea for yourself. When you have the right team, the shoot will get very exciting, you really start to become a new person!

But today, I'm plain old me. My best friend went into the hospital for a very minor surgery, and I was able to go in with her and her parents (my mommy and daddy #2). It was a very laid back day, from start to finish, with a bit of Thai food for a late lunch (I went for the Grilled Shrimp salad, which was spicy as all hell) at Thai Stick just south of the city.

After, some TV watching (Bad Girls Guide, with Jenny McCarthy!!), some of the ladies came over and we went to the Elephant Bar for dinner and drinks. Now, I'm not a big fan of chain restaurants, I think its ridiculous it is to have "ready made food" and slap a $20 charge on it. I would certainly rather do my own cooking. Damn chain restaurants.

But, drinks were cut short due to schedules. I needed to get back home to I could get a run in before bedtime. Shoot tomorrow, very colorful and lovely, so stay tuned for some images as they roll in.

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