23 July 2009


A few weeks ago my friend had 5 models, including myself, shoot some head shots, which I imagine will be the advertising for DermaQuests new makeup line, as well as (my favorite part) some on camera "makeup tutorials". My amazing mua, Coleen, had the topic of Natural Blush, which is nice for me because my freckles usually take over my face. Coleen had the tough part, 5 minutes of speaking, with out swearing mind you, in a straight forward, effective manner is difficult if you aren't used to being in front of the lens. After a few takes, she got it down wonderfully, and we had a few laughs for the blooper reel as well. I was lucky enough to find some time to snap a few pictures of some of the other beautiful models who were shooting along side of me.

Richard Seagraves, one of my favorite photographers and friendliest person to work with. That must be my friend who got me into this shoot Katharina, or Nora to the left.

This model had the shakes, so we all had to "shake it out" and try to get the nerves out. Her pictures were fantastic.

I tried to flirt with all of the camera crew...Besides Richard, they were the only ones on set with testosterone! What's a girl to do?

This isn't a snap of Coleen and me, but I have to share this little story. She needed to wear a small clip on mike under her blouse, and because it kept falling, the crew had to look down her top every few minutes to 'readjust'. We got a few jokes in about the real reason they were looking. She had a good rack, after all, what's a boy to do?

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