23 October 2009


My friend has this awesome skincare company, and she asked me to help her out by sittin' pretty. Here are the parts we messed up. ENJOY.

Holy crap, batman!

My friend reminded me about last new years... Here's the runway show(at about 1:00), ignore the slutty chicks.

And in the VERY beginning of the clip, there is a painting of an eye up on the board...

YEAH I totally painted that. and then the drunk chicks defaced it. oh well, that's a party for ya.

19 October 2009


working on a shoot
style of working woman getting ready for her day
lingerie and business suits
high heels and coffee cups
high contrast with morning sun
get the jist?
images to come!

15 October 2009

What. is. this.

I have been getting my trip to Israel planned, therefore neglecting my other priorities. So far, there are quite a few events planned for the Middle East, one of which is Bethlehem for Christmas Eve! Apparently, very religious people flock to where the Jesus man was supposedly born. So, my friends and I are going to flock on over with a picnic and a few bottles of wine (we wouldn't want to offend anyone by drinking red..) to watch the craziness.
On the side of work, I was just in a small short film, my role being the "too perfect" girlfriend, and I have auditions all weekend. As always, I wish I was always busy with work, but a girl has got to sleep.
Until next time!

Kisses from baby ballet version of me