24 November 2009

White dresses don't go well with my attitude problem

I snapped this at a fitting for an amaaaazing couture wedding dress designer, the fabric was made in the 1920's and was pretty heavy. I would have worn it as a formal gown rather than a wedding dress. Once they had me in the huge gowns with veils and all, I started laughing uncontrollably. The dwedding gowns were beautiful, but it just solidified my non-marrying reasoning.

AAAAAaaaand because I feel marriage is a fail..

22 November 2009


I had a few hours to kill between castings the other day, so I decided to walk around the mission district to find a place to relax, maybe get an espresso, what not. I found this awesome coffee place, great atmosphere and the people were just hanging out, then I left without making an effort to remember the name or what street is was on. After a long Google session, I found it. The Atlas Cafe, on Bryant street (coincidence?? I think not) and 20th.

It has this great outdoor patio, and thankfully SF in November it was a beautiful 68 degrees, so a little book reading and coffee was a perfect time killer. It could have also been the handsome looker who was sitting across the table from me, alone, sans hand jewelry. Although I have an odd feeling that he was a casting director for a commercial I did last year... He's still cute.

So now I'm a director.

Well, not really. I am attempting to "direct" a photoshoot, with no budget, no location, and a date set as "sometime mid-January". So really, I'm chalking together something from nothing to hopefully get some grand images of drama, beauty, intrigue, you know, the usual.
The concept is James Bond, but the old version: 1965. So the hair and style will be vintage, and even greater, the male model gets to be a chauvinistic woman lover/hater who knows that he is God's gift to humanity.
Any one have idea's about free shooting? Location, wardrobe, H/mua, etc? Anything will help, as I am working blindly.

01 November 2009