23 July 2009

I had a dream last night that my Booker had emailed me two new go sees, once at 7pm and another that had been earlier in the day. And In my dream it was 6pm already (and I knew I wasn't going to get the 7pm job).

Now let me say, I have never missed or have even been late to a go see or audition. I like being early so I can collect myself, and not be rushed into anything. Because travel into the city for me takes about 40 minutes, I can rush my ass off until I get into my car, then there is nothing left to be done. No more make up, no more changing clothes, it is what it is.

Last week, that is how I felt when I was on my way up to a couple go sees. One was for a Levi's Campaign (the 3rd time I have been asked back for them) and the other for a role in a film. BUT, I knew I wasn't going to get this jobs either, not because I was running late, but more of the fact that I felt sloppy. I hadn't been taking care of my body (again, I know), and I hadn't prepared myself. So as much as I did my best on the day, because I had allowed my performance to go unrehearsed, I sabotaged my own work.

Now, I am paranoid that I missed work, and feel the need to check my email every ten minutes. (And that paid off, more or less, the Men's Divis. Agent sent out a agency wide email asking for models that can skate board, Yes I can! but tricks? Nope, I can make it look pretty when I fall hard though. Does that count?)

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