28 July 2009

The things that wouldn't burn in the fire

...because they are too godly to be destroyed.

Now, I a very realistic shopper. I don't think it is right to spend $900 on one single pair of shoes, because you are truly paying a 50% mark up which is DIRECT profit to the designer. These shoes are MASS PRODUCED like every other heel. The reason people, women actually, pay so damn much for them is because of the lifestyle they encompass. They are teetering on torture with their 5+ inch heel height, they scream a life in which the wearer sits 98% of their work day, and to top it all off, they are not meant to be work on an everyday basis. This means, if one would have the desire, and physical ability, to wear these shoes every day, they would either have to rotate between 20 or 30 pairs each month to keep the wearing to a minimum, OR have the budget to purchase a new pair each time the heel wears through to the metal.

And with all of this messed up, morally corrupt nonsense that is designer fashions, I will still purchase these in a heartbeat, and wear them around my house, while dancing to Kiss in my underwear. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

PS. I would like these for Hanukkah

Thank you for your consideration.

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