16 January 2010

first espresso of the day. Tel Aviv, Israel

I just got back from Israel, via a freakin' long ass flight time: 2 hours from Tel Aviv to Istanbul + 10 hours from Istanbul to New York + 7 hours from New York to San Francisco. I was lucky enough to jump onto a non stop from jfk to sfo, rather than my scheduled flight which stopped at lax for a three hour lay over. In New York, I hadn't slept for three days, so when I finally got to my cousins apartment (which was amazing btw, I had my own room) I passed out for 24 hours.
Thanks to a bit of a stomach sickness, I didn't eat anything during the flight period, but the constant altitude changes still caused some sexy nausea. I'm sure green looks good on me.
Israel was phenomenal, so much that I couldn't leave when my flight home came around. I ended up staying a month, and renting out an apartment in Tel Aviv, having a few men fall for my "personality", and working with a great agency, MC2 Tel Aviv. Here is a bit of documentation, if you can handle the excitement.

this camel did not want anything to do with us silly americans. Desert near the Dead Sea, Israel

it was very cold and windy, but we caught some awesome shots up on the roof. Downtown Tel Aviv, Israel