28 August 2009


25 August 2009

Junkin' around.

The comedy show stage where my friend Matt performed. Again, there were a ton of comedians, only 5 minutes each, and the two hosts' heads were floating on the TV screens behind. A good time.

As promised, I have pictures, videos, and scars from Los Angeles. Now, I should tell you all, going to LA is not a "big deal" anymore, considering my family lives there, I used to live there, and there is only a few neighborhoods that aren't nasty. With that, we all try to get into as much trouble, with out getting killed.

My cousins band, Monster Hand (he is the drummer) had a giant concert in his studio. The turn out was great, and the music was inspiring. Hard rock is all you need.

And for the final bit of my life that you all can sneak into...

24 August 2009

Beautiful San Francisco

Although it was freezing at my apartment, just up The Embarcadero, the sun was out and the breeze was blowing. I had a goodbye dinner with my best friend who took off from SFO for 4 long months over seas.
On a happier note, my agent got me a casting for a VERY well known company, the casting was this morning, and I will HOPEFULLY hear back from the casting director within the next few days. This is the worst part of the job, as I have said before. I'll be keeping busy with running, Pilate's, and a boos. Update will come with news!

p.s. idk what all the UPPER CASING is for.. I think my brain may be frozen from the exaggerated weather.

21 August 2009


Back from Los Angeles, it was, like always, very nice. Everything is pretty, there is glitter sparkling everywhere, it's exactly like it is in the films. Except with a bit a poo flung around.
I went to a restaurant with my friends before a old buddy would be performing in a comedy show around the corner. This restaurant, Pure Luck, was not what I expected. The food was awesome, especially the Sweet Potato Fries, which are my favorite! I used to be vegetarian, so going back into the practice for an evening was nice.

The Comedy show was good, some of the comedians were pretty big in the world of funny. There were about 12 comedians, all with 5 minutes to do their thing. The set up was cool, two TV monitors behind the performers with the floating head image of the two hosts.
at the muggy beach..mid nap :)
Next time you are in LA, go to a show and eat some vegans!! ( I would have some images to show from La, but my camera phone is being a bitch. will upload later.)

16 August 2009

running. chicken. no head. you get the point.

I am leaving for Los Angeles on Tuesday, which means I need to get all of my nonsense done asap, so i can pack, upload, pack more, blah blah blah. At least I'm a light packer... anything I need I'll purchase there. I'm sure one or two of you wait until the last minute to pack also. It's not my fault, blame it on the alcohol.

In fact, blame it on Forest Whitaker.

Crash into me

Man, I loved the film Crash. If you haven't seen it yet, it's about that time! This was probably the most heart wrenching song in the film, but it also speaks volumes on its own. Hope you enjoy!


Whenever I am out of my own bed, and having trouble falling asleep, I flip on this website called Bedtime Tunes, which has a lovely mix of different kinds of sleep inducing music.
Mostly all modern, classified under genres like acoustic, or guitar, melancholy, or male vocals. Its nice to relax with out having to continue clicking through the music. Just set it and pass out.
Bedtime Tunes..

12 August 2009

Nice cold glass of King of pop, anyone?

Well, I don't have a ton of time, but I ran into this article, and thought I should share. The Man In The Mirror definitely felt like a sucker punch. Everyone has their own stories of listening to Jackson, or if they had the opportunity to meet him, so this should hopefully bring back some good memories.

View the rest HERE, at Guccilily

Out of Vogue: nipple jewellery

Out of Vogue: nipple jewellery

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I understand that there is a creative license to photography, but really?

Wish me luck!

My fingers are sore from typing all evening! I am writing up a proposal for a reality TV show, centering around my life as a "start up model" and actor, and my best friend who has graduated from college with a communications degree (and is also the root of most of my bad behavior).

Together, we get into odd situations, and always wish there was a camera there to broadcast it across the world. I think we have decided to do this partly because it is unbelievable the situations we get into. We don't ask for it, but we attract a certain type of person I suppose. So, hopefully we will be able to pitch the show, and get it picked up. Maybe we will need to do some charming along the way..

11 August 2009


I modeled for a shoot that required a ton of naughty, it was the morning routine of a powerful business woman, so there was a lot of tweed and lace, gabardine suiting, and satin panties, thigh high stockings, with white button down shirts. the director had set up an inspiration board, and this picture of Sasha P. was by far my favorite image. I kept this little image in my head while executing those sexy and powerful poses. I did some digging, and it is from the July 09 issue of Vogue Italia. Also modeling was Milla J! Here is the rest of the pictures.

10 August 2009

mmm, nap followed up with some fresh faces in modeling.

I took a bit of a rest this weekend, staying in a house a in a coastal town just south of San Francisco. It was close enough to the city that we were able to drive and start the relaxing immediately, but far enough that we weren't seeing and hanging out with the usual crowd. Alcohol was consumed, and waves were frolicked through sans clothing. The weather permitted a lot of outdoor bad behavior. But, pictures will not be posted anywhere, definitely nsfw.
While not having Internet is certainly out of the ordinary around here, it was nice to not think about work, or colleagues, of Booker's, or bloggers (but I always think of things to post here!). I came back to my pretty little laptop, and checked up on a blog that I have read for a long time, called Fashion Copious. Its model, fashion, mag covers. My favorite is the up and coming model watch, as well as the section on fashion designers and news surrounding.
That is what I checked up on, whats the first thing you do when you get back from a relaxing vacation?
i'm back and completely depleted. will update later.

08 August 2009

outta here!

I'll be off the grid this weekend. I'll be off getting into trouble with, well, everyone. you all be sure to do the same!
-Stephani Bryant

07 August 2009

how bad ass is this??

I am not really as concerned about celebrities as I could be, so I try to get my daily info from this awesome community blogging thing called Oh No They Didn't. It's pretty much everything in pop media, wrapped up with a bow. And of course, if the post says NSFW, the blogger puts in some peen most of the time. Come on, if we can't see it in front of our bosses, then there better be something fun to look at. Anyways, I just saw this crazy awesome photo shoot, model was Kerli (Estonian Singer). You can read up on the info, but damn, she makes bubblewrap look GOOD

Here is the ONTD page
Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring to you a fellow bad girl. Now, not all of us can be a man eater, or shameless, but this Ms Cam Diaz can at least show the boys that she can bring the heat... in a different way. Check it.

Plush Palate Love

If you all haven't seen this blog, you have to check it out. Plush Palate, who I have been following for a bit, always brings a new eye to fashion, interiors, anything that is worth looking at. It's beautiful, really. BUT I HAD to post up a link highlighting the Christian Dior Runway show, elegant, sexy, edgy, all wrapped with a slutty bow. Seriously, it's '80's slammed into modern day S.E.X, all knowing that its way to good for any man. Check out the link for the full rundown!

Back as a newbie.

My momma says that I was modeling when I figured out what a camera was. I did do a bit in grade school, and again in high school, but my family raised me to believe that engineering was a career, not silly jobs like modeling or fashion design. But after everything else seemed to lose my interest, I got my head shots done, and headed off into the big world of modeling.

My ORIGINAL head shots. Taken in the huge garden behind my then managers backyard.

06 August 2009

Starting off in this industry was easy, I didn't care if I failed or not. I just went for what feels right. Now that I have a pull and desire to do stay and succeed, it get hard. It's like when you are single, and are looking for a significant other, you never seem to find the right person. Then when you finally accept the fact that you will be single forever, in walks prince charming. Freaking annoying.

04 August 2009

Today was lame.

I was not productive. I added millions of people on my twitter, I just went from twat to twat, twatting everyone. At least I used protection.

and for the NOW's

--Listening to: Killing me softly covered by Sophia Hiller

And I got a thingy in my email, and there I was..

So sunny, and SO cold. I would extend into a pose and hold until the photographer yelled across the field, then shrivel up into the fetal position. Not the most flattering pants there, but those weren't even made by the company. They must have been sparing my already freezing skin from with wind chill with the yoga shorts.

03 August 2009

My friends, I bring you fun

Well, technically, some specialists bring it to you, but i put it in my blog for those of you who have not yet happened upon it. Practice, and execute. Enjoy.

Ooh La La, j'adore.

Followed up by a quick Halloween picture, the costume certainly was a hit.

French Tuesdays Gallery in San Francisco :: 944

French Tuesdays Gallery in San Francisco :: 944

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02 August 2009


I'm square. When we go to clubs, we sit in the corner drinking wine and laugh at the boys trying to pick up girls. But, every once in a while its good to go ghetto.
Have a WONDERFUL Sunday, readers!!