30 July 2009

Shooter shooter

Today, we were on location at a flower gallery, which meant a TON of color. I don't do color very often, so this was quite a change. One photographer wanted a very commercial look, and, lucky me, the other photographer wanted drama and darkness, almost a sophisticated and modern femme fatal type. I was wearing black denim pencil leg jeans, by Habitual, as well as an un-tucked white button down men's style shirt with a SWORD leather jacket over, which was later switched into a plain cropped vest. The make up was clean, and classic, no not a ton of retouching from the hot hot heat we were working with. California sun gleams pretty damn hard in the summer.
These were all taken by one of the photographer's assistants, the actually photographs will be through editing shortly, and then into the books! In this business, it's all about waiting for the results. Patience, because photo editing takes freaking forever.

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