07 August 2009

Plush Palate Love

If you all haven't seen this blog, you have to check it out. Plush Palate, who I have been following for a bit, always brings a new eye to fashion, interiors, anything that is worth looking at. It's beautiful, really. BUT I HAD to post up a link highlighting the Christian Dior Runway show, elegant, sexy, edgy, all wrapped with a slutty bow. Seriously, it's '80's slammed into modern day S.E.X, all knowing that its way to good for any man. Check out the link for the full rundown!


  1. i loved this collection too!!! hahah

  2. Thank you Stephani for your kind words about Plush Palate! You are too sweet! I’m glad you also found the Dior show inspiring! When I saw it, I was speechless with admiration 

    Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo