07 August 2009

how bad ass is this??

I am not really as concerned about celebrities as I could be, so I try to get my daily info from this awesome community blogging thing called Oh No They Didn't. It's pretty much everything in pop media, wrapped up with a bow. And of course, if the post says NSFW, the blogger puts in some peen most of the time. Come on, if we can't see it in front of our bosses, then there better be something fun to look at. Anyways, I just saw this crazy awesome photo shoot, model was Kerli (Estonian Singer). You can read up on the info, but damn, she makes bubblewrap look GOOD

Here is the ONTD page


  1. another purpose of bubble wrap ... :)

  2. This is an amazing picture! Make me want to somehow include bubblewrap in my wardrobe :) Thanks for your commment!


  3. thanks for the comment, I kind of like Kerli, she reminds me of Lady Gaga, but only in the wardrobe.