24 August 2009

Beautiful San Francisco

Although it was freezing at my apartment, just up The Embarcadero, the sun was out and the breeze was blowing. I had a goodbye dinner with my best friend who took off from SFO for 4 long months over seas.
On a happier note, my agent got me a casting for a VERY well known company, the casting was this morning, and I will HOPEFULLY hear back from the casting director within the next few days. This is the worst part of the job, as I have said before. I'll be keeping busy with running, Pilate's, and a boos. Update will come with news!

p.s. idk what all the UPPER CASING is for.. I think my brain may be frozen from the exaggerated weather.

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  1. i've been in san francisco in july and although it was soo cold, i really love this city!! it's so beautiful (: