25 August 2009

Junkin' around.

The comedy show stage where my friend Matt performed. Again, there were a ton of comedians, only 5 minutes each, and the two hosts' heads were floating on the TV screens behind. A good time.

As promised, I have pictures, videos, and scars from Los Angeles. Now, I should tell you all, going to LA is not a "big deal" anymore, considering my family lives there, I used to live there, and there is only a few neighborhoods that aren't nasty. With that, we all try to get into as much trouble, with out getting killed.

My cousins band, Monster Hand (he is the drummer) had a giant concert in his studio. The turn out was great, and the music was inspiring. Hard rock is all you need.

And for the final bit of my life that you all can sneak into...


  1. Thats such a good idea, with the hosts on tv screens.


  2. it was my idea... well, no, but it could have been. cool blog btw.

  3. and ouch, for not letting me follow your blog. damn.