10 August 2009

mmm, nap followed up with some fresh faces in modeling.

I took a bit of a rest this weekend, staying in a house a in a coastal town just south of San Francisco. It was close enough to the city that we were able to drive and start the relaxing immediately, but far enough that we weren't seeing and hanging out with the usual crowd. Alcohol was consumed, and waves were frolicked through sans clothing. The weather permitted a lot of outdoor bad behavior. But, pictures will not be posted anywhere, definitely nsfw.
While not having Internet is certainly out of the ordinary around here, it was nice to not think about work, or colleagues, of Booker's, or bloggers (but I always think of things to post here!). I came back to my pretty little laptop, and checked up on a blog that I have read for a long time, called Fashion Copious. Its model, fashion, mag covers. My favorite is the up and coming model watch, as well as the section on fashion designers and news surrounding.
That is what I checked up on, whats the first thing you do when you get back from a relaxing vacation?

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