31 March 2010


one of the latest.

I would also like to state that I will be taking a professional hiatus for 8 to 12 weeks.. In other words, I want a damn vacation, and 2-3 months will be enough to get tan (aka for us scotts: make mah pale skin a bit roseh, an blacken mah freckles.) and wear the tan back off to normal translucent, sleep in, stay out late, get the recommended amount of sleep, water, fresh fruits and veggies, and read the books I picked up a before the winter holidays! Also, continue with my salsa class, pick up a vocals class, and do well in the communications, art and psych classes that I am already taking.

I'll continue to update, mah baybays, just keep checkin' in, and this bitch with update like a mad woman.


  1. cute! :)


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