14 February 2010

After all?

A year ago, the only thing I needed to do was get an agency contract. Hastily, I jumped in got a crappy agreement (which took me a year to understand) with an agency that should have been a sure shot. But, I lived and learned, and worked for an international agency, got out of my contract with SF agency, and and currently talking to 2 other agency in SF! I'm keeping the options open for now, and just getting communications up to see what everyone has to offer, with out being quick with the pen.

On another note, it's my bff (of 12 years, btw) "16th Again" birthday (she'll be 16 for a while longer) and I'm planning a little special something that involves the Red Queen and the Mad Hatter. Hopefully we will fall down the rabbit hole!

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  1. hope all the agency stuff gets worked out well! :)