24 November 2009

White dresses don't go well with my attitude problem

I snapped this at a fitting for an amaaaazing couture wedding dress designer, the fabric was made in the 1920's and was pretty heavy. I would have worn it as a formal gown rather than a wedding dress. Once they had me in the huge gowns with veils and all, I started laughing uncontrollably. The dwedding gowns were beautiful, but it just solidified my non-marrying reasoning.

AAAAAaaaand because I feel marriage is a fail..


  1. that couture dress looks amazing!!!

    although im not against marriage, i do believe that it is not neccessary to get married and do the "conventional" thing to be happy. perfectly gratifying relationships do not have to end in matrimony - it's simply an option.

  2. lovely blog!


  3. Where is that dress!!! I want it!