22 November 2009


I had a few hours to kill between castings the other day, so I decided to walk around the mission district to find a place to relax, maybe get an espresso, what not. I found this awesome coffee place, great atmosphere and the people were just hanging out, then I left without making an effort to remember the name or what street is was on. After a long Google session, I found it. The Atlas Cafe, on Bryant street (coincidence?? I think not) and 20th.

It has this great outdoor patio, and thankfully SF in November it was a beautiful 68 degrees, so a little book reading and coffee was a perfect time killer. It could have also been the handsome looker who was sitting across the table from me, alone, sans hand jewelry. Although I have an odd feeling that he was a casting director for a commercial I did last year... He's still cute.

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