16 September 2009

"hi f*ckers."

I shouldn't censor myself because of the whole freedom of speech and the press, but I don't want to turn away too many readers who are into the whole "judge a blog by its title" mindset.
Here's the story about those f*ckers.
Once upon a time, there was an aspiring actor who had just began acting in independent films. Things were going well when she received an email from the director outlining the schedule for filming. Set was being put up in a city about one hour away from my city, and we were all to find our own transportation. Day for filming rolls around and she is on her way to set. She runs into the other lead, which is dandy, we catch up, get coffee and walk over to set. The director sees them and asks what they were doing there, they tell him that they were there per his instructions. He says the actors weren't to be on set today, they were only getting background shots.
Now these two fine actors are walking around, fairly annoyed about the events that have transpired, when they overhear a conversation from the crew. This conversation blasted every aspect of the misplaced actors, from their not being able to read an email, to being so divalicious that they expect people to jump at every whim of theirs. The actor then walked around the corner, smiled politely at the group of people who were just talking poorly about them, and she says, "Hi, Fuckers".
But on another note, filming is going very well, and Levi's keeps asking my agent for me, but we are all waiting for the right project. I love me some Levi's.


  1. Aww that situation kind of sucks, but hopefully it will be fun anyway! What are you guys filming? That is so exciting!
    And omg that is super exciting about Levi's!!

  2. Hi~~nice to meet you~~~
    Thanks~your comment