27 September 2009


My beautiful laptop is back.
If anyone is a Sex and The City viewer, like moi, then possibly you can relate to my situation. When Carrie's original laptop, with all of her work and history stored on it, died with that tiny bomb with a pissed off face on the screen, she wanted it to be fixed. A new laptop, although a kind gesture, did not help. My laptop (old, from 2005) has all of my history (post high school) on it. From letters from ex's, to pictures of random people I run into on the streets of San Francisco, and bookmarks of all of the designers I keep an eye on, my computer has everything I need. But, I thought this would be the last time I would be able to use it, seeing as it has broken down quite a few times before. So, I saved the most important things onto an external hard drive, and said a quite good bye to the rest, from pictures, to my music library, knowing that if there was something very important deleted, it would somehow find its way back to me.

I realized that saying goodbye to something doesn't mean you will never see it again. Maybe I was trying to finally be done with those memories, good, bad or indifferent, as to be able to move to the next chapter of life without having these weights holding me back. Maybe we all need to go through our memory and pluck out the important things, then let the rest fall behind.. Just a thought.

I know, blurry..
one of the images salvaged from the downfall of my laptop, a champagne toast to celebrate her graduation.